What You Should Never Do During End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is a standard condition in tenancy agreements requiring the tenancy to leave the unit just like it was at the beginning of the tenancy. Many tenancy disputes arise over end of tenancy cleaning issues, largely because the landlord is not impressed by the way it is done. What are some of the things that make you fail to have a successful end of tenancy cleaning?

DIY cleaning

Some people opt to do it DIY style with mixed results. It works for a small apartment but it is unlikely to be successful in a large apartment. Hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning crew remains the only viable option for cleaning a large apartment. The simple fact is that a cleaning crew has the manpower, equipment, and skills to do the job in a shorter time and more professionally.

Hire the cheapest cleaning service

It is easy to think of the money spent on end of tenancy cleaning as money lost, but the opposite is true. Spending money on a professional tenancy cleaning London service guarantees that you get the tenancy deposit back, which is more than what you spend. Hiring the cheapest will most likely to an unsatisfactory job as the cleaning service will take shortcuts either by deploying inadequate cleaners, or cleaning in a hurry. This only loses you more money as the landlord disputes for you to repeat the job.

Fail to agree on the scope of work

It is advisable to have a clearly defined scope of work before the cleaning service embarks on the job. This will help avoid any disputes at the end of the cleaning. Give the cleaning crew a checklist of all areas, items, and tasks to be completed.

Ask about the cleaning service’s no-touch policy. These are the tasks that a cleaning service will not handle. Some will not lift heavy furniture, while others will not clean some areas like the bathroom. Ask about the no-touch policy to see if the cleaning service fits your needs.

Boss around the crew

If you hire the correct cleaning service, there is no need to micromanage them. The cleaning crew comes with the task list to follow. Each member of the crew has a defined role. Interfering with this arrangement will disrupt the crew’s working tempo and method landing some members in unfamiliar territory.

Fail to inspect

Always ensure that you inspect the work before the cleaning crew leaves, if you can’t be physically present, ask the landlord or someone else to go through the task list and see that all tasks agreed have been completed.