Awesome B2B marketing tips

Selling to business is a little different from selling to final consumers. Businesses look at the value that your products add to their customer offering and whether they can absorb the costs without overpricing their products and services. The digital revolution has made it even harder for the B2B firms to sell as it has eroded the human interaction and given more options to the clients.

Here a few tips to get sales for your B2B business

Make it easier for them to find you

A website is a critical part of your B2B business. It is the place that you share your brand story and create the impression that you can provide the said solutions. Ensure that you have a professional website that is optimized for the right keywords. It should be easy to navigate and create an engaging customer experience.

Sell solutions and not products

The customers want to know how you can help their businesses move to the next level. Do not fill the ears of the purchasing managers with the features of your products, sell them the solutions to help them overcome a challenge in their business. They are most likely going to respond positively to products relevant to their businesses.

Social listening helps you find out what everyone is up to

Use the social media to know what your target audience, as well as the competition, is up to. Follow the market influencers and the industry leaders to be in the know. Check out your potential customers, know what they are doing and what is in the pipeline. This helps you know the best tactics to get selling and avoid being left behind as the industry moves on.

Look for relationships

Much of the solutions you offer to businesses are not on-time solutions. They would need the same products again and again. Create lasting relationships to get repeat businesses. You can do this by offering bundled offers, following up on the clients after selling and offering advice to your customers. Make it easy for customers to reach you whenever they need the assistance.

Work on your sales funnel

Getting many leads is not of any use if you cannot walk them down to buying your goods. Configure your sales funnel by creating relevant content at every stage of the way. Create a robust CRM system and tie it to your online campaigns to maximize your touchpoints with your prospective clients. The CRM system should also have updated customer data to ensure you are targeting the right people.

Tips for Hiring a Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Are you looking for a professional end of tenancy cleaning London service but are not sure on how to go about it? Some people will tell tales of bad experiences with cleaning services, but this is only a small fraction of these services. The simple fact is that if you are pressed for time, or have to handle cleaning a big house, a professional cleaning service is your best bet. Getting a good cleaning service is not that hard. There are numerous cleaning services. Make a good choice with these tips.

Do a Google search

Google is your best start. The search engine has a useful location service that will show the nearest cleaning services and their geographical location. Google also ranks them according to the engagement they get on social media. This means the top-ranked cleaning services have many people talking about them. Check them out on review sites to see the kind of conversation they are mentioned in.

Check out Facebook

Many professional cleaning services will have a Facebook presence. Check out the following of the cleaning service, and the conversations on its Facebook page. Are members asking for appointments, or are they largely making complaints? The good thing is that you can engage these people directly and ask them about their experience with the cleaning service.

Ask a friend

Has one of your friends, or acquaintance at work recently moved? Ask them how they handled the end of tenancy cleaning service. If the friend used a cleaning service and was satisfied with the job, ask them for their contacts. This is an immediate referral that you can contact. The good thing is that the cleaning service will be happy to give you a discount as a referral customer in the hope that you will also spread a good word.

Make  a site visit

Do not make a mistake of engaging an unverified entity. Physically visiting the cleaning service has several advantages:

  • Assess the professionalism – How does the management treat the cleaning crew and other customers? Whichever treatment they get will be extended to you.
  • Assess the resources – How many workers are available? What is the visible equipment? Does the place look well-maintained as a sign of a good going concern?
  • Defining the scope of work – It is easier to outline what tasks you want completed face to face.
  • Negotiating the price – It will be easier to negotiate a good price when face to face with the sales rep instead of doing it over the phone.

Picking a professional cleaning crew is not as hard as it seems. Follow the above tips for an easier time.

Advantages of joining the Saluda County Chamber of Commerce

Regardless of what your industry is or the nature of the business that you are involved in, any support that you can receive from your local community is critical and essential. The support that you receive from like-minded people can help you maximize your profits and expand your business. There are endless resources out there that can help, one of the most effective being joining your local county Chamber of Commerce. In this case, the Saluda County Chamber of Commerce can be an untapped resource for many businesses and it is clear to see why.

The Saluda County Chamber of Commerce

The Saluda County Chamber of Commerce is a local entity focused on the local community and the businesses within the Saluda community. Overall, the Saluda County Chamber of Commerce is an association made up of business leaders that enables mutual support, promotion and the protection of interests of members and their businesses.

Think of the Saluda County Chamber of Commerce as the Saluda community’s front door. The Chamber communicates with thousands of people annually by responding to requests regarding information on Saluda. The chamber also acts as the local community advocate whose work is to improve community understanding of the free Saluda enterprise system. The chamber supports face to face, honest exchanges between the local businesses and the people at forums and meetings. Other advantages of joining the Saluda County Chamber of Commerce include:

Increases credibility for a business

You can increase and improve the way customers perceive your business and how other business will approach it when yours in identified as a member of a chamber of commerce.

Increased visibility

As a new member of the chamber, you will be listed in the Saluda County Chamber of Commerce newsletter as well as enjoy the rare chance to be highlighted in other chamber publications. It is also entirely possible to grow your business through advertising with the chamber as well as sponsoring some events.

Networking opportunities

The Saluda County Chamber of Commerce has numerous committees and serving on one of the committees can provide numerous networking opportunities as well as the chance to promote professional leadership development.

Allows your voice to be heard

The Saluda County Chamber of Commerce handles major issues affecting local businesses and it helps by opposing unfair regulations, fees, assessments, costs and taxes directed at small or new businesses. The Saluda County Chamber of Commerce also helps to safeguard the principles of free enterprise and ensures that local businesses are treated fairly at all times.

What you need to know about the Saluda County Chamber of Commerce

The Saluda County Chamber of Commerce can be the ultimate partner for a business to have at their disposal at it can help with networking, brand awareness, as well as marketing. If you own a business, there are numerous organizations that you have to deal with along the way which can help your brand to expand its ideas, promote products and services and extend a business’ network. Since the Saluda County Chamber of Commerce is local, it focuses primarily on the local Saluda community and its businesses.

Overall, the Saluda County Chamber of Commerce is an association of business leaders that enables mutual promotion and protection of interests of all businesses, whether large or small. As such, it was created to help local Saluda businesses band together and come up with ways to put their products and services on the map. Saluda County Chamber of Commerce also helps to form a collective to assess concerns and major issues that affect the Saluda business community. Any business in Saluda County should join the Saluda County Chamber of Commerce for a number of reasons including:

  • Heightened exposure
  • An increased understanding of the Saluda business community concerns.
  • Networking opportunities in Saluda County.
  • Increased credibility for your business in Saluda.
  • A stronger voice when it comes to decision making in Saluda.

The Saluda County Chamber of Commerce hosts networking events, workshops, fundraisers, and an assortment of other activities all with the intention of connecting local business owners. The Saluda County Chamber of Commerce has a solid reputation in the community, which means that it will, in turn, cause a business’ customers, stakeholders and investors to maintain positive perceptions about the business. As a matter of fact, consumers are more likely to think favorably of a business if it is a member of the local chamber and an even large number are more likely to purchase a service or product from a Saluda County Chamber of Commerce member.

Potential effects of joining the Saluda County Chamber of Commerce

Although the Saluda County Chamber of Commerce can help local businesses grow, the reality is that a business gets out of a chamber of commerce membership what they put in. Only when a business actively participates, volunteers and joins community events can they truly enjoy the opportunities to establish valuable business relationships.

A high level of participation can result in invaluable partnership opportunities; a large percentage of a company’s revenue can come through the local chamber of commerce as quickly as in the first 2 quarters. The chamber, therefore, does the legwork to bring businesses and people together, but the businesses themselves must also be proactive in the process.

What You Should Never Do During End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is a standard condition in tenancy agreements requiring the tenancy to leave the unit just like it was at the beginning of the tenancy. Many tenancy disputes arise over end of tenancy cleaning issues, largely because the landlord is not impressed by the way it is done. What are some of the things that make you fail to have a successful end of tenancy cleaning?

DIY cleaning

Some people opt to do it DIY style with mixed results. It works for a small apartment but it is unlikely to be successful in a large apartment. Hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning crew remains the only viable option for cleaning a large apartment. The simple fact is that a cleaning crew has the manpower, equipment, and skills to do the job in a shorter time and more professionally.

Hire the cheapest cleaning service

It is easy to think of the money spent on end of tenancy cleaning as money lost, but the opposite is true. Spending money on a professional tenancy cleaning London service guarantees that you get the tenancy deposit back, which is more than what you spend. Hiring the cheapest will most likely to an unsatisfactory job as the cleaning service will take shortcuts either by deploying inadequate cleaners, or cleaning in a hurry. This only loses you more money as the landlord disputes for you to repeat the job.

Fail to agree on the scope of work

It is advisable to have a clearly defined scope of work before the cleaning service embarks on the job. This will help avoid any disputes at the end of the cleaning. Give the cleaning crew a checklist of all areas, items, and tasks to be completed.

Ask about the cleaning service’s no-touch policy. These are the tasks that a cleaning service will not handle. Some will not lift heavy furniture, while others will not clean some areas like the bathroom. Ask about the no-touch policy to see if the cleaning service fits your needs.

Boss around the crew

If you hire the correct cleaning service, there is no need to micromanage them. The cleaning crew comes with the task list to follow. Each member of the crew has a defined role. Interfering with this arrangement will disrupt the crew’s working tempo and method landing some members in unfamiliar territory.

Fail to inspect

Always ensure that you inspect the work before the cleaning crew leaves, if you can’t be physically present, ask the landlord or someone else to go through the task list and see that all tasks agreed have been completed.


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