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Welcome to the Saluda County Website!  Please take a few minutes to search our website to find out about Saluda County events and resources available to Chamber members……..  Before you leave please give us some Feedback!

Economic Development..

The Chamber can be a catalyst for economic development.  All segments of the business community can work together for the common good.  A community is enhanced by the success of its business ventures—creating jobs, providing needed services, investing in educational, cultural, social, religions, and civic endeavors.

Chamber Events…

The Saluda County Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary membership organization that serves as a unified voice of the business community.  It is not a civic club, charitable organization, or affiliated with any municipal or county government.  The Chamber is a private, not for profit 501 [c] [6] organization.  It unites companies, professionals, organizations, and educational institutions that are committed to building a better community and county.

Become a Member…

Most importantly, the Chamber is people. – Our MEMBERS!  People such as you who realize that through the Chamber, we can accomplish collectively more than we can individually.  The strength of the Chamber lies in attracting members, thus creating a pool of resources from which to draw ideas, energy, and financial support.