Do you have rooms to rent for Students in Liverpool?

In the following text we will tell you about different situation you can meet as a landlord or as a tenant during your room share in UK or house share Liverpool.

If you rent rooms in Liverpool you should know that you can meet different kinds of people. Some of them can be students that come to England and now they need a room to stay in, others can be adults that do not want to live with their parents anymore and other can be persons who came in England to work and they also need a room to live in. Well, a special situation is when your possible tenant is a young people. What means a young people? It means that he/she is between 14 and 18 years old. You should know that the child can leave the house legally only if he is at least 16 years old.

What can you do with these young people?

Well, their parents can make them return to the home if they want to. If they do not want their child to go back home, there are two possibilities for him to rent a room, but only if he works (otherwise he will not have money to pay you).

In the first case he can put an adult or a social worker to guarantee for him until the young people turn 18 or to join a joint tenancy only if one tenant is 18 or over. It isn’t legally to rent a room or a house if you are under 18, so you need an adult to trust and help you.

But, there is a third solution: if you meet a nice landlord who trust you (you are obligated to give to him a proof that you will have money to pay the rent) he can sign with you a license. Having a license means that the landlord gave you the permission to stay in his home. If everything goes well in time, when you will be 18 years old you can turn the license into a tenancy agreement.

Being such a young person or an young adult that have friends and love to party or to stay with his friends in the house, you can encounter some problems as: your visitors will damage something from the house.

What you have to do in this situation? Of course, the first thing you need to do is to notice your landlord and allow him to come in the house, see the damages and make a decision: he will bring someone to repair and you will pay or he will let you to make all the decision for the repairs. You need to pay the repairs even if you friend was the one who did it because you are responsible for the house, not your friend. If he is a real friend he will give you the necessary money.

We know that being a landlord can be exhausting and to provide Flatshare Liverpool is a risk because you let in your house strangers, but if you sign a contract with them and you verify their information first how much you can, you will have no problems.