Tips for Hiring a Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Are you looking for a professional end of tenancy cleaning London service but are not sure on how to go about it? Some people will tell tales of bad experiences with cleaning services, but this is only a small fraction of these services. The simple fact is that if you are pressed for time, or have to handle cleaning a big house, a professional cleaning service is your best bet. Getting a good cleaning service is not that hard. There are numerous cleaning services. Make a good choice with these tips.

Do a Google search

Google is your best start. The search engine has a useful location service that will show the nearest cleaning services and their geographical location. Google also ranks them according to the engagement they get on social media. This means the top-ranked cleaning services have many people talking about them. Check them out on review sites to see the kind of conversation they are mentioned in.

Check out Facebook

Many professional cleaning services will have a Facebook presence. Check out the following of the cleaning service, and the conversations on its Facebook page. Are members asking for appointments, or are they largely making complaints? The good thing is that you can engage these people directly and ask them about their experience with the cleaning service.

Ask a friend

Has one of your friends, or acquaintance at work recently moved? Ask them how they handled the end of tenancy cleaning service. If the friend used a cleaning service and was satisfied with the job, ask them for their contacts. This is an immediate referral that you can contact. The good thing is that the cleaning service will be happy to give you a discount as a referral customer in the hope that you will also spread a good word.

Make  a site visit

Do not make a mistake of engaging an unverified entity. Physically visiting the cleaning service has several advantages:

  • Assess the professionalism – How does the management treat the cleaning crew and other customers? Whichever treatment they get will be extended to you.
  • Assess the resources – How many workers are available? What is the visible equipment? Does the place look well-maintained as a sign of a good going concern?
  • Defining the scope of work – It is easier to outline what tasks you want completed face to face.
  • Negotiating the price – It will be easier to negotiate a good price when face to face with the sales rep instead of doing it over the phone.

Picking a professional cleaning crew is not as hard as it seems. Follow the above tips for an easier time.